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Rest with animals

"Granit" is one of few hotels of Vladivostok where residing with pets is possible.

The given service is provided free-of-charge. But there is the only condition: the veterinary passport.

We shall be glad to All: small and big, fluffy and sleek-haired, quiet and to choleric persons, «mother’ sons» and to serious independent guests.
We shall try to make everything that your favourites felt as the house!

For residing with animals room`s type Economy are available only.



Recommendations of residing with animals


petsPrepare for rest your nursery

Prepare for the nursery a collar on which it will be all the information. The animal can get lost in an unfamiliar district, and the information on a collar will help to find you.

Make all necessary inoculations, including from furiousness, especially, if you go to rest with animals out of the city to the nature. Place this information also on its collar. Take enough of a forage for your nursery with. There is a probability, that you cannot buy it.

Warn the personnel of hotel that you are going to have a rest with an animal.

Before arriving to the vacation spot inform the personnel of hotel that you will arrive with an animal once again. At settling in hotel ask the personnel to acquaint you with rules of living with animals in rooms and to show you seats for walking (with dogs).

Learn the address and phone of local veterinary service. The animal can be ill, therefore such a safety measure will not be extra. Learn the address and phone of local veterinary service. The animal can and be ill, therefore such safety measure will not be extra.

catFamiliarize with rules of residing

It is not necessary to leave animals in rooms alone, unsupervised. If you had to do it – warn the personnel. In the majority of cases with animals it is not accepted to appear at restaurants, bars, in discos or in pools.

It is not necessary to appear with animals on a public beach. If you wish to expiate the nursery – do it outside of a beach, below on current. To walk with animals is necessary with collar, dogs – also in a muzzle.

Remember, that, lowering an animal without collar in a wood, you risk – wild animals can be found in vicinities (foxes, caress), including infected by furiousness.

Besides the animal can get lost. Joint rest with your nursery will allow to avoid heavy stress of the parting especially experienced by animals as you can not explain them, that it is not for a long time.


Rest with animals

petHotel "Granit" provides residing with pets. The only condition is a veterinary passport.     

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In each number:

kitchen- a bathroom
- the TV
- phone
- the equipped kitchen
- an electric plate
- refrigerator

Wi-Fi Internet


All visitors can take advantage of services of wireless network Wi-Fi Internet in all rooms of the hotel "Granit".



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- railway tickets,
- concert tickets,
- theatrical tickets,
- tickets in cinemas.
Call of a taxi and buses.


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