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Booking rooms

Use the form below you can book our rooms online and get a guaranteed reservation. For payment you can use a credit card, electronic money, non-cash or pay order in place.


Rules and conditions of booking

A room reservation may be guaranteed or not guaranteed:

At the guaranteed booking a reservation is kept for the visitor minimum within the first reserved day.

At the guaranteed booking payment should be made before arrival of the visitor in hotel (the minimal sum of payment - for day of residing in number of the chosen category).

Payment is maybe made by roubles, a credit card, under the clearing settlement and by Web – money.

The legal person pays for reservation according to the account exposed by Hotel.

The rules of cancelling of the reservation:

In case of non-coming of the visitor is kept the cost of the first night if the guaranteed booking has not been cancelled 24 hours prior to arrival (up to 12:00 the day previous day of arrival.

At not guaranteed booking (not paid before arrival of the visitor) reservation is removed in day of prospective arrival after 18:00 on local time.

Time of arrival – 14:00

Time of departure – 12:00

We confirm room reservation as soon as practicable.


How to book room

phone  By phone:


mail  By e-mail:

+7 (4232) 20-38-65

+7 (4232) 20-21-47

Application form

Rest with animals

petHotel "Granit" provides residing with pets. The only condition is a veterinary passport.     

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In each number:

kitchen- a bathroom
- the TV
- phone
- the equipped kitchen
- an electric plate
- refrigerator

Wi-Fi Internet


All visitors can take advantage of services of wireless network Wi-Fi Internet in all rooms of the hotel "Granit".



- air tickets,
- railway tickets,
- concert tickets,
- theatrical tickets,
- tickets in cinemas.
Call of a taxi and buses.


Russia, Vladivostok
Kotelnikova street 13
+7 (423) 220-38-65
+7 (423) 220-21-47