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Business Centre

The business center of the hotel offers services of sending and reception of a fax, access in the Internet, copy works, black-and-white and color press, scanning. The business center can be used as a room of negotiations for 10-15 persons. The room is equipped by a board for records.

Operating time from 08.00 till 17:00 .

Type of service Unit of measure Price (in roubles)
 Copy works:
 - Page (format А-4)
 - A leaf (format А-4)

1 page
1 leaf

 Work on a computer 1 hour 300
 Services of the Internet 1 minute 5
 Listing of documents on the printer(format А-4) 1 page 8
 Reception of messages:
 - Facsimile
 - From the electronic carrier (reception and listing)

1 page
1 page

 Sending of messages:
 - Facsimile on a to Vladivostok
 - Facsimile outside of a of Vladivostok

1 page
1 page

7 + cost of services of long-distance communication (the minimal duration of a session - 3 minutes)
 Services of scanning:
 - The image (А-4)
 - The text (А-4)

1 page
1 page

 Record of files on magnetic and optical carriers


Operating time on a computer cost of the carrier


Business Centre

Business Centre


Rest with animals

petHotel "Granit" provides residing with pets. The only condition is a veterinary passport.     

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In each number:

kitchen- a bathroom
- the TV
- phone
- the equipped kitchen
- an electric plate
- refrigerator

Wi-Fi Internet


All visitors can take advantage of services of wireless network Wi-Fi Internet in all rooms of the hotel "Granit".



- air tickets,
- railway tickets,
- concert tickets,
- theatrical tickets,
- tickets in cinemas.
Call of a taxi and buses.


Russia, Vladivostok
Kotelnikova street 13
+7 (423) 220-38-65
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